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Below is a selection of maps created by the team at the Atlas of Marine Protection ( We provide them to be used for non-commercial use.  Please credit " [Current MM/YYYY]."  We ask that you consider a one-time donation if you have found our maps useful.  It would really help us continue to update these maps and make them available to the public.
Altered versions can be provided by request, at a cost based on the time needed to make the changes.  Please inquire at if interested.  
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Very Large Marine Protected Areas

Proposed Marine Protection

Global MPAs [simple]

Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument

MPAs of the Pacific US

Shark Sanctuaries

Global High Seas

Gulf Gems 2014

Deep Sea Benthic Protections

Map series created to track benthic protection in the high seas.

Featured Atlas of Marine Protection ( Map

Digital Journal: The U.S. now has the largest marine reserve in the Pacific  

Huffington Post: How to Protect the Ocean from Us?  

National Geographic Society, Ocean Views: For Marine Reserves, Size Matters

National Wildlife Federation: Newly Expanded Reserve Provides a Haven for Marine Wildlife

Sailors for the Sea: Protecting the Pacific! 

Surfer Magazine: White House Protects the Pacific 


Atlas of Marine Protection in the News

The Atlantic:  A Blueprint for Protecting the World’s Oceans 

  • Figure 1: "An MPAtlas visualization of marine proteced areas around the world"
  • Figure 2: "Palau's tiny islands are not visible on this map, which shows, in the central highlighted section, Palau's Exclusive Economic Zone and proposed marine sanctuary. The sanctuary would cover an area as large as France."​

Environmental Defense Fund:  MPAtlas Provides New Tool to Learn about Marine Protected Areas

  • Figure 3: "...has developed an online digital atlas that assembles information on marine protected areas (MPAs) around the world."
  • "This is a valuable tool that provides the ability to explore sites and characteristics of existing and proposed MPAs."​

Le Parisien: Observe sharks, tourism to biodiversity?

  • Figure 5: Map of global shark sanctuaries.

High Seas Alliance: Marine Conservation Institute Tracks Global MPAs

  • " that used data to rank the G20 member countries on how well they have established strongly protected no-take marine reserves."

 Via the Marine Conservation Institute - The Great Barrier Reef's No Good, Very Bad Year Will Test How Fast It Can Adapt

Marine Science Today: Everything You Need to Know About Marine Protected Areas

  • "With the recent rise in Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), we wanted to share a great new resource: MPAtlas."

Mission Blue: MPAtlas Launch on World Oceans Day

  • "The stories of vibrant ocean places are cataloged on MPAtlas."​ ​

Mission Blue: Ranking Shows Most Coastal States Failing to Protect Oceans

  • "The science team at Marine Conservation Institute compiled SeaStates using, the world's best information source on marine protected areas."​ 

Mission Blue: Global Ocean Refuge System Launched by Marine Conservation Institute 

  • "...the area of stronger, no-take protection is lower, ~1% according to"​ 

National Geographic: Found Treasure Map of the Ocean:

  • "To me, this is like the treasure map, with only one difference: the more people enjoy the treasure, the more its value will increase."​ 

NOAA Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center Blog: Sulu-Sulawesi - A seascape in the Heart of the Coral Triangle

One Green Planet: How We're Working to Protect the World's Oceans for Future Generations 

  • ", the world's most comprehensive marine protected area database, is our interactive tool to examine marine protected area coverage and provide data for our analyses and reports examining conservation and protection of the ocean." 

Project Aware: First- Ever National Ranking Shows Most Coastal States Failing to Protect Oceans

  • "The science team at Marine Conservation Institute compiled SeaStates using"​ 

Science Daily: Protecting 30 percent of the ocean has many benefits, study suggests - Protecting large stretches of the ocean from human influence may well be good for conservation

Shark Defenders: Shark Conservation Laws

  • Figure 5: Map of global shark sanctuaries.

Waitt Foundation: Announcing the Release of

  • ", dedicated to bringing the importance of ocean parks into the public eye."​ ​