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How much of the ocean is protected?

Morgan L. M., Pike E. P., Moffitt R. M. (2018). How much of the ocean is protected? Biodiversity, 19, 148-151.

SeaStates G20 2018: No-Take Reserves in the World's Largest Economies

Marine Conservation Institute (2018)

Recommendations to IUCN to Improve Marine Protected Area Classification and Reporting

Pew Bertarelli Ocean Legacy Project (2018)

SeaStates US 2017

Marine Conservation Institute (2017)

SeaStates US 2016 

Marine Conservation Institute (2016)

Dare to be Deep: SeaStates Report on North America's Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)

Jessen, Sabine, Lance Morgan, and Juan Bezaury-Creel (2016) Ottowa, Seattle, and México City: Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, Marine Conservation Institute, 52pp.

SeaStates US 2015 

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SeaStates G20 2014 

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SeaStates US 2014 

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SeaStates US 2013 

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The Aspen Institute Energy Environment Program: The Ocean Community Report - Building an Aligned and Supportive Ocean Conservation Community highlighted under "existing opportunities for the ocean community to share information."

Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument: The largest ocean legacy on Earth

"The new National Monument alone would protect 18 percent of the United States EEZ, and it would double the area of the ocean that is currently fully protected globally."

The Pew Charitable Trusts: Sentinels of the Ocean - The science of the world's penguins

"As of early 2015, only 0.94 percent of the world's oceans were designated as no-take."

Science Express: Making Waves - The scienceand politics of ocean protection

"We thank R. Moffitt, B. Pike, and the MPAtlas team...."



Measuring MPAs in Continental North America: How well protected are the ocean estates of Canada, Mexico, and the USA?

Sabine, J., Morgan, L.E., Bezaury-Creel, J.E., Barron, A., Govender, R., Pike, E.P., Saccomanno, V.R., & Moffitt, R.A. 2017. Frontiers in Marine Science.

Controversies and consensus on the lionfish invasion in the Western Atlantic Ocean

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Hamilton Island. The Innovative Cultural Enterprise 

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One size does not fit all: The emerging frontier in large-scale marine conservation 

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SeaStates G20 2014: How much of the seas are G20 nations really protecting

Shugart-Schmidt et al., 2015 K. Shugart-Schmidt, E.P. Pike, R.A. Moffitt, V.R. Saccomanno, S.A. Magier, L.E.,Morgan
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Recht door zee: Hedendaags internationaal zee- en maritiem recht 

Cliquet A., Maes F (eds)

The Philippine Marine Protected Area (MPA) Database

Cabral et al., 2015 R.B. Cabral, P.M. Alino, A.C.M. Balingit, C.M. Alis, H.O. Arceo, C.L. Nanola Jr., R.C. Geronimp, MSN Partners
Phil.  Sci. Lett. 2014 7(2)



Pew Compass Points: How Much of the Ocean Is Really Protected?

  • Despite progress, the global community must do more to boost ocean health, paper shows

Discovery: Shark Week Sharkopedia

  • cited as a habitat and location reference for areas such as Honduras, the Bahamas, and Raja Ampat. 

Waitt Institute: The Case for Marine Reserves

  • Referenced under "Key Websites"


U.S. Department of State Diplomacy in Action: Closing the Next Steps Panel of Our Ocean Conference

"So working together with MCI, the Marine Conservation Institute, we created It tracks around 6,500 marine protected areas around the world right now." - Ted Waitt, Founder and Board Chairman, The Waitt Foundation 


OpenChannels: Drawing the Line - Visualizing global MPA distributation using practical protection categories with

  • Presented by Lance Morgan, President, and Russell Moffitt, MPAtlas Project Manager; Marine Conservation Institute
  • This webinar is co-sponsored by the NOAA National Marine Protected Areas Center, OpenChannels, MPA News, and the EBM Tools Network